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February Council Motions

In our Council meeting on Saturday, 18th February, our union leaders discussed the AEU NAPLAN Policy, the Protect Our Preschools Campaign, what the ACT Government's priorities on education are post election, the School Assistant and CIT EA Bargaining Update, and an Occupational Violence negotiations report. Council passed the following motions on NAPLAN, the Protect Our Preschools campaign and AEU recruitment. 



AEU Vice President Opening!

With the election of Angela Burroughs as our President, we now have an opening for the Vice President. The position runs until 31st December, 2017. 

Click here to complete the form and email it to Nominations close on Wednesday, 22nd February. 

Why consult?

We often hear members say that our union is not tough enough and that we speak to the Education Directorate about disputes rather than fighting first. Our Union and all unions are required to attempt to resolve the dispute with the Employer first.


Are you the one?

No, we're not recruiting for the dating show If You Are The One. We're recruiting for something far more important than finding true love on national Chinese television (and Australia's own SBS).

We're seeking some fantastic people to join our AEU Office. You will have the heavy mantle of working to create the best public education system in the world on your shoulders. So, could you be our Lead Organiser or our Member Services Officer

Election for the ACT's National TAFE Council Delegate

Nominations have opened for the AEU ACT's National TAFE Council Delegate. The National TAFE Council determines our national policies on vocational education and training, and develops our TAFE campaigns. 


Goodbye and good luck to Andy, Suki and Therese!

As the school year has begun, some of our staff are leaving us to start new adventures. Andy, Suki and Therese, thank you for the time you have served our union and good luck for all your future endeavours. 


Extreme Temperatures Advice

What should we do if we are experiencing extreme temperatures in our workplace?

The AEU ACT policy on extreme temperatures states: The AEU believes that members have a right to decline to teach in situations where classroom temperatures are lower than 17 degrees Celsius or more than 30 degrees Celsius. The employer’s own position on temperatures agrees that temperatures in classrooms should not be outside of 17 to 30 degrees. Australian Standards For Offices Guidelines recommend the minimum temperature is 20 degrees and the maximum 26 degrees. 


Thank you and stay united

Dear members, 

It is with mixed emotions that I write this letter, as I come to the end of my second, and final term as ACT Branch President. It has been both an honour and a privilege to lead our branch over the past four years. I have learned a lot and I hope that I have served you well.

During this time, I have watched our union grow in both strength and numbers as we worked together, strategically, to stand up for the rights of our members and unite over issues that are pertinent to us, as professionals. I have seen exciting changes in the structure of the union office and felt privileged to work alongside Glenn and the team as they strived to empower sub-branches to be more effective and organised than ever before.

I want to extend my thanks to each and every one of you for your support and encouragement of me during this time and urge you all to remain active, dedicated and passionate about our incredible profession. Our students deserve the best educators, and we must have the recognition and conditions that we rightly deserve. Stay united, always.

Yours in education,

Lana Read 
AEU ACT Branch President

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