2011 - 2014 School Teaching Staff Agreement

Certain provisions in the 2011-2014 School Teaching Staff Agreement will continue to operate as part of the new agreement.  

At Section M2 Directorate Documents Referenced In This Agreement (p. 108) in the current agreement, it is indicated that a series of provisions from the previous School Teaching Staff Agreement (2011-14) will continue to operate as procedures agreed between the Directorate and the AEU.

  • Annual professional discussion 
  • Expectations of performance and professional responsibilities (Classroom teachers) 
  • Personal and career development 
  • Professional Pathways 
  • Professional Pathways plan 
  • Review of the Professional Pathways plan 
  • Pathways to Improvement 
  • Pathways to Improvement plan 
  • At the end of the Pathways to Improvement period 
  • Expectations of performance and professional responsibilities (School psychologists) 
  • Performance and development (Principals). 
  • Professional Pathways Guidelines 
  • Pathways to Improvement Guidelines 
  • Annual professional discussion guidelines 
  • Principal’s Performance and Development Agreement 
  • Probation and Contract Assessment 
  • New educator support guidelines. 
  • Revised principal career structure 
  • School categories 
  • Advancements 
  • Minimum leadership structure

2011-2014 ETD School Teaching Staff Enterprise Agreement

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