2014 Recruitment Round - AEU Member Concerns

Members have been contacting organisers in the AEU ACT office with a range of concerns about the conduct of the 2014 Recruitment Round.

We are currently gathering as much information as possible so we can represent these concerns to the Directorate and get them addressed.

If you have concerns please submit them below or contact Kate Reynolds directly (Kate.Reynolds@aeuact.org.au, 62727900).

We have already heard of the following issues occurring:

  • Inconsistency in the treatment of teachers who have received a ranking in the previous year. It appears that in some cases people in this situation have not been called to an interview and had their previous ranking maintained. In other situations, members have been required to attend an interview and have had their ranking revised.

  • There has been a lack of communication in some cases about the status of interviews. In some instances, members have participated in an interview on the understanding it exclusively concerned a school-specific position. Subsequently, they have learned it also doubled as their ranking interview (a focus they had not prepared for).

  • Some supervisors have not been able to reconcile the ranking awarded by the assessment panel with the evidence they have seen from the teacher concerned.
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