Brindabella Candidates who will put education first

In Brindabella, Michael Mazengarb and Angie Drake are committed to putting public education first. Michael Mazengarb from the Greens is the only candidate in Brindabella to sign our pledge on education.



Michael_Mazengarb.PNGMichael Mazengarb - Greens Candidate

As the spokesperson for young people for the ACT Greens, investing in our schools, education and students is obviously very important to me. I was born and raised in Tuggeranong. I attended primary school in Kambah, high school in Wanniassa, studied at the Australian National University. Having been a student not too long ago, I also know just how important it is that young people are stimulated and supported when they are learning.

Young people face a society that often fails to value their contributions, politicians who often prioritise short term electoral gain ahead of their long term future, a housing market in crisis and a lack of employment opportunities. The ACT Greens understand that schools, teachers and our public education system have enormous capacity to help change that for young people.

Youth unemployment in the ACT is nearly three times the general unemployment rate, leaving young people struggling to find work, pay bills and set themselves up for the future. That’s why it is so important we invest in their education; from early education, to primary school, right through to high school and beyond.

I am really proud to be standing for the ACT Greens in Brindabella and fighting for high quality public education available for everyone. In signing the AEU pledge, the ACT greens have committed to maintaining majority government ownership of CIT, keeping the majority of VET funding going into quality public VET courses, investing in our public schools and always defending our commitment to Gonski.


Angie_Drake.PNGAngie Drake - Labor Candidate

Tuggeranong has been my home for 30 years so even though I’m a new Labor Candidate running for a Brindabella seat, I’m certainly not new to the area. It’s where I’ve grown up myself, where I’ve raised and educated my children, and I’m surrounded by family and friends and beautiful surroundings. I’ve got no plans on leaving and in fact, I have a plan to make Tuggeranong the best it can be.

I wholeheartedly agree with the principles and aims of the AEU. I know how it feels to have children that struggle and need access to counselling and mental health services through their school system. When these services are not available, it places considerable stress on the child and on the family, and can have a lifelong impact. I’m a staunch supporter of #Gonski and I’ll always advocate for a full rollout of funding going forward.

A good, well-funded public education system is the great equaliser that we can deliver for Canberrans. If I’m elected in October, I give my personal pledge that I will always recognise that when it comes to the education of our children, our primary focus and responsibility must be public education so that every child can have the best opportunity in life.




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