This election, we need you.

Written by Lana Read - AEU ACT President

This ACT election, we are laying the foundations for what our public education achievements will be over the next four years. 

In the here and now, with our workload constraints and our family responsibilities and focuses on the educational outcomes of dozens of students, it can be hard to think that far ahead. The constraints of our daily realities, however, demonstrate our union power. Through our small actions, with the knowledge that other educators are taking the same small actions, we can make huge gains for public education in the ACT.

This election, we need you to take some small actions. Share AEU election posts on social media. Talk to your neighbour about how they should vote for public education. Join other educators at traffic junctions and literally raise the banner for public education.

We have done it before. It was educators who created universal education. We have crafted it over time, chiselling off old ideas and soldering on new ways of educating. Our Gonski campaign has achieved more resources for the students across this nation who need them the most. Our new Teaching Agreement supports teachers performing their core roles. This year, we will deliver profound change to support educators to be safer in the workplace. We will keep crafting public education to make it even better.

If everyone dedicates one hour to spreading our message before Election Day, on Saturday 15th October, we can elect a Government that is committed to improving public education. One hour – that’s it. Check our guide on the candidates who support public education and make sure you influence as many people in your life as possible to vote for public education.

When we have such an important task ahead, it’s important that we all take these small actions if we are going to achieve positive outcomes for public education over the next four years.


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