2016 Federal Election Activist Celebration

Congratulations! We did it! Your time was essential in ripping Eden-Monaro out of the hands of Peter-Hendy, the architect of WorkChoices and and an anti-Gonski advocate, and electing a Gonski and TAFE supporter. More than that - you had an impact across the country. Our Gonski campaign was successful in making education the second top election issue behind health. 

So we're having a celebration! Glenn's shouting everyone who was involved in the Federal Election campaign dinner at Hotel Realm. We would absolutely love to see you there! 

August 10, 2016 at 6pm - 8pm
Ostani Bar & Restaurant, Hotel Realm, Barton
Naomi Brooks · · 02 6272 7900
Barbara Preston Peter Curtis Stephen Hood Larissa Shihoff Therese Tonna Ian Marshall Shane Gorman Nick Maniatis Glenn Fowler Jacqui Agius Emma Cox Jane Barrett Karl-Erik Paasonen Naomi Brooks

Will you come?

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