Ginninderra Candidates who will put education first

In Ginninderra, Indra Esguerra, Yvette Berry and Kim Fischer are committed to putting public education first. Indra Esquerra from the Greens is the only candidate in Ginninderra to sign our pledge.


Indra_Esguerra.PNGIndra Esguerra - Greens Candidate

Public education is the foundation of any equitable society. As a mum with two boys in public schools, and having attended our fantastic ACT public education system myself, I know how important it is that we invest in public education. I understand how important good teachers are, and how hard teachers work, having watched my high school teacher mum regularly working late into the night. I believe excellent schooling fosters the development of smart, capable and resilient people who will contribute to our community into the future.

As ACT Greens health spokesperson, I am also passionate about ensuring that young people are supported in our schools and beyond. With more awareness of mental health, particularly depression and anxiety, young people are seeking help and often finding that services are not available at the right place or time. As part of our mental health package we will invest $4m over the next four years for counselling services in the community specifically for children and young people.

We want every child to get the quality education they deserve. That means investing in our teachers and our principals; supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to excel; and investing in public schools.


Yvette_Berry.PNGYvette Berry - Labor Sitting Member

I’m a proud Labor member for Ginninderra and minister for portfolios spanning housing, community services and women through to sport and recreation. I’m also ACT Labor’s spokesperson for education in the 2016 election.

I’ve lived in West Belconnen all my life and went to school at Holt Primary, Ginninderra High and Hawker College. I also learnt at the Canberra Institute of Technology.

After working in hospitality for eight years I joined the team at United Voice and dedicated my working life to improving wages and working conditions for some of our community’s most poorly paid and insecure workers – cleaners, retail workers, security guards and, importantly, early childhood educators. I spent a lot of time with these workers on the local Big Steps campaign and numerous other campaigns run by United Voice, often with the support of school and tertiary educators.

In framing our 2016 election platform, Labor has consulted broadly, including with the AEU, to make sure our policies reflect the priorities of the people who make our education system the best in Australia – its teachers. Given all the demands and expectations on our teachers today, it’s vital that the government is acknowledging and supporting the role they play for our young people.
That’s why Labor is taking an education platform into the election which offers strong support for the ACT’s teachers with new funding for infrastructure and facilities, support for sustainable workloads, support for children with complex needs and new opportunities for professional development.


Kim_Fischer.PNGKim Fischer - Labor Candidate

As a 38-year-old married mother with three children, I believe in high quality public education and support the implementation of the Gonski Review of Funding for Schooling. I have been actively involved in my local public school for many years as both Vice-President of the school board and of my P&C committee.

Recently I successfully lobbied for the construction of a new school crossing on Wirraway Crescent in Scullin to improve the safety of local schoolchildren. I will continue to lobby for safe and easy options for parents to get their children to school across Belconnen.

In recent times I have written on The RiotACT website about:
• the role of high quality early childhood education in giving socially disadvantaged children the best opportunities in life, and
• the need to effectively forecast school age populations across suburbs so that forward planning of infrastructure and resourcing for public schools can be effectively carried out.

I have been working hard for the Belconnen community since moving here 15 years ago. This year alone I have raised more than 300 local issues with the ACT government on behalf of residents.

With many years serving as a senior portfolio adviser for the ACT Labor Government, I have the skills and experience to deliver a Better Belconnen.


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