Murrumbidgee Candidates who will put education first

In Murrumbidgee, Caroline Le Couteur and Chris Steel are committed to putting public education first. Caroline Le Couteur from the Greens is the only candidate in Murrumbidgee to sign our pledge on education.



Caroline_Le_Couteur.PNGCaroline Le Couteur - Greens Candidate 

I’ve lived in Canberra for most of my life, including 20 years in Woden, where I now live.

I’m a proud product of the ACT public school system. My daughter however had a tough time at school, and I am aware of the need in our schools to provide students with the learning and pastoral support that they need.

The Greens are committed to a safe, student-centred, healthy and high-quality school environment for all students, teachers and staff. We believe in an education system that supports excellence and equality.

I’m particularly proud of our commitment to invest $4 million over the next four years to fund counselling services in the community specifically for children and young people and implement a streamlined referral process so that our young people can the help they need.

I am standing for the ACT Greens in Murrumbidgee because I am sick of the short-term thinking of the Liberal and Labor parties. I want to build a Canberra for the future. This means investing in teachers, principals and students. It also means investing in stoping global warming, clean energy and adapting to our changing climate.


Chris_Steel.PNGChris Steel - ACT Labor Candidate 

As a professional education advocate I value the role of our public school system in building our city’s future prosperity. I am running for election to amplify my advocacy on education in the Assembly. I will fight for a needs based funding system, better infrastructure at our public schools and more support for teachers and children in the classroom, especially those with additional needs.

I am the product of the public school system on the Southside and a family of public school teachers that have been active in the AEU. I look forward to working with teachers to build an even better education system in the ACT.








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