Glenn Fowler is re-elected as AEU ACT Secretary

Congratulations to Glenn Fowler, who has been elected unopposed to the AEU ACT Secretary's position for another two years! Read on to find out about Glenn's teaching experience and his achievements in the AEU. 



Before starting as an Organiser with the AEU in 2007, Glenn Fowler taught History and English at Dickson College, Lake Ginninderra College and Melrose High School. In 2007 he won the Australian National University Prize for Excellence in Secondary Teaching. Glenn was elected Branch Secretary in 2012, and in 2017 will commence his third term in the role. 

Glenn counts among his leadership highlights: the 2012 campaign for salary justice for teachers and school leaders; resistance of the attempted takeover of CIT in 2012; the ACT’s Gonski funding deal; the invigoration of the Public Education Celebratory Dinner; greater rigour in the way non-government schools are approved; the recent EA campaign leading to workload reduction plans and nearly 60 new positions in schools; the end of Canberra Times NAPLAN league tables; ensuring dozens of additional school psychologists are brought into our schools and dramatically improving their remuneration; and the implementation of an organising model in the Branch leading to membership growth. 

Glenn is married to Marina, who is also a teacher, and their two children attend a wonderful ACT public primary school. Glenn unapologetically asserts that a strong, well-resourced public education system is the engine room of our social and economic progress and one of the cornerstones of Australian democracy. He is humbled to have the support of members for another two-year term. 

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