MEDIA STATEMENT: Elizabeth Kikkert demonstrates wilful ignorance about Safe Schools program

Yesterday, Elizabeth Kikkert, an MLA for the Canberra Liberals, used parliamentary privilege to accuse Canberra’s teachers of criminal activity. She accused them of child grooming, which is defined as befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child to lower that child’s inhibitions with the object of sexual abuse.

The Canberra Liberals recently had a significant swing against them in what many saw as the unlosable election and yet they seem intent on remaining unelectable. In a progressive city like Canberra, their extreme positioning on social issues puts them in danger of becoming irrelevant.

Elizabeth Kikkert is one liberal who maintains an unhealthy obsession with the Safe Schools program and a wilful ignorance about the program’s parameters. Nobody should make comment on the Safe Schools program unless they have examined the education materials freely available on the Safe Schools website. Any fair-minded person examining those materials would see that they are reasonable, appropriate, and entirely befitting of a contemporary education.

It is time for Alistair Coe to demonstrate leadership before his party commits itself to an even longer stint on the opposition benches. MLAs like Ms Kikkert need to be immediately brought into line. Ms Kikkert should also be candid and honest with the electorate regarding her views on LGBTIQ Australians.

The AEU proudly represents 3,500 public educators and we will not stand idly by whilst allegations of criminality are made in the Territory’s parliament without sufficient evidence.

The account that Ms Kikkert appears to be relying upon is at least third-hand - from student to parent to parliamentarian. It is incumbent upon Ms Kikkert and the Canberra Liberals to ensure that they employ due diligence on hearsay prior to smearing Canberra’s teachers in the Assembly.

Ms Kikkert’s performance yesterday represents an outrageous slur and it will not go unchallenged. I once again call upon Mr Coe to take action. 

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