Sub-Branch Leader Training

Sub-Branch Presidents, Deputy Presidents and Secretaries are invited to share experiences with other Sub-Branch leaders and workshop how - together - we can improve our workplace conditions and public education. 

The training session will focus on:

  • Outlining the Sub-Branch roles and responsibilities; 
  • Ensuring your Sub-Branch meetings have purpose and generate interest; 
  • Developing your negotiation skills; and 
  • Organising your Sub-Branch to make change. 

Make sure that you apply for Industrial Leave as soon as you can to ensure that it is approved. To apply, print off the paper version of the application for leave form, tick the other box and write in 'Industrial Leave'. 

May 18, 2017 at 1pm - 4pm
AEU Boardroom, AEU ACT Office, Barton
Naomi Brooks ·

Will you come?

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