February Council Motions

In our Council meeting on Saturday, 18th February, our union leaders discussed the AEU NAPLAN Policy, the Protect Our Preschools Campaign, what the ACT Government's priorities on education are post election, the School Assistant and CIT EA Bargaining Update, and an Occupational Violence negotiations report. Council passed the following motions on NAPLAN, the Protect Our Preschools campaign and AEU recruitment. 


NAPLAN – AEU Policy Motion

Council notes the Secretary’s email correspondence of 14 February 2017 to all school teacher and school leader members regarding the undesirability of NAPLAN test coaching occurring in any of our schools. Councillors agree to work with AEU Sub-Branch leaders to seek reassurance from school leadership, if required, that the principles outlined in that correspondence by the AEU, the Directorate and ACARA are observed. 


Protect Our Preschools Campaign Motion

Council strongly endorses the AEU’s Protect Our Preschools campaign which applies pressure to the Federal Government to commit to providing secure, permanent funding for 15 hours of preschool because:

-          Every child deserves the proven benefits of 15 hours of preschool

-          Parents deserve certainty about their child’s education

-          Preschool staff deserve job security

Councillors agree to actively support Sub-branch efforts to return at least 100 signed campaign postcards to the AEU office.


AEU Recruitment Motion

Council notes the Secretary’s email correspondence of February 2017 encouraging Sub-Branch leaders to promptly conduct “join” conversations with eligible employees at their schools. Councillors agree to seek reassurance within the Sub-Branch leadership that plans are in place to ask every eligible non-member, particularly new employees, to join our union and to provide the tangible support these employees need to submit a membership application. 


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