Goodbye and good luck to Andy, Suki and Therese!

As the school year has begun, some of our staff are leaving us to start new adventures. Andy, Suki and Therese, thank you for the time you have served our union and good luck for all your future endeavours. 


Andy Jennings, Lead Organiser

After three years, my family and I have made the decision to return to the United Kingdom and embark on a new chapter in our lives. I want to thank the members for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work alongside you in Australia. I have enjoyed immensely my time at the AEU ACT Branch and have met many passionate and committed fellow trade unionists that I will always take pride in calling comrades. I hope my contribution has been able, in some way, to build the foundations from which the Branch can build toward even greater success.

The Branch can be a leading light for the wider union in addressing the key industrial challenges that affect educators, but to do that it must be brave in its decision making and stay the course once it has decided its path.  With my knowledge of the activists spread across the Sub Branches, I am confident it will do both of those keys things.

Good luck and in solidarity.


Suki Dorras-Walker, Central Organiser 

After a year working at the AEU I have decided to return to teaching. I have had a great experience working with members and the dedicated office staff at the AEU. It has been inspiring to see the actions sub-branches have taken together, and to see members supporting each other in their workplaces. I have learnt so much about our rights at work as educators and about the conditions we deserve when we do this incredibly important job. I am really looking forward to being an active member in my sub-branch and supporting new educators in my school. My biggest lesson from my time at the AEU office is that we need to be informed as members and we need to be there for each other. Thank you to the AEU office staff and executive for giving me this great learning opportunity.


Therese Tonna, South Organiser 

After three and half years with the AEU as School Assistant Coordinator and Schools Organiser it is now time for me to move on.  My experiences during this time helped me grow both professionally and personally. I have made many lasting friendships and associations with many members and I would like to thank you all for your continuous support in making my time at the AEU successful.

One of the most rewarding experiences I gained from this role has been watching the school assistant membership grow and develop into a strong voice.  It has also been great to see how all educators stand in solidarity and look after each other. I hope that you have all felt supported by me and I encourage all of you to continue to stand together and support each other to make our schools – our workplaces the best that we can.



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