2. Membership

As members, we all have a say in the policies and actions of our union.

In Sub-Branch meetings, we share problems and concerns about our workplaces and work out solutions.

When necessary, we move or support motions. Motions are proposals that a Sub-Branch votes on and that then go to Branch Executive. The power of a motion is that when it is passed it is taken to represent the considered and collective view of the Sub-Branch as a whole, rather than just one member. Branch Executive will respond and direct the paid officers to take appropriate action, for instance by meeting with the Education & Training Directorate.

We can also request one of the Councillors in our workplace to ask a question on our behalf at a meeting of Council.

As members, we each have access to a network of support to help with any issues that arise in our working lives. It helps to make sure we know which of our colleagues are the Sub-Branch Executive representatives so we can consult them for advice on how to handle any workplace concerns. As members, we try to keep an eye out for other colleagues and share advice and support where we can.

On occasion, panels are formed at the school level to fill Higher Duties [temporary placement in a promotions position]. These panels must have a representative from the AEU Sub-Branch who has completed DET panel training [contact DET for training dates]. Being a representative on such a panel is a valuable experience in understanding the processes used to determine the selection of applicants.

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