3. Sub-Branches

Sub-Branch 2013 Records.pdf

Sub-Branch Rules.pdf

Sub-Branch Executive and Councillor Roles and Responsibilities.pdf

Sub-Branch Suggested Meeting Procedures.pdf

Sub-Branch Motions and Amendments.pdf

Sub-Branch Election of Representatives After Nominations Have Closed.pdf

Every school or campus has a Sub-Branch. In our Sub-Branch we share problems, support each other, shape the culture of our workplace and provide input into the policies and actions of the ACT Branch as a whole.

Sub-Branch President

Each Sub-Branch is led by a President who is elected annually by the members in that workplace. The President’s role is to:

* Welcome new members of the Sub-Branch

* Ask non-members to join our union

* Arrange and advertise regular Sub-Branch meetings

* Chair the Sub-Branch meetings; ensure the Sub-Branch has representatives at Branch Council

* Ensure Sub-Branch representatives are replaced via an election, either at the start of a new year or in the event of a representative moving schools, taking long-term leave, etc and notify the AEU office in writing of changes to the Sub-Branch leadership

* Invite AEU officers or other guests to speak to Sub-Branch members, as appropriate

* Support individual members of the Sub-Branch if they encounter any problems or concerns

* Assist effective communication of Union information by highlighting key messages in email communication, ACT Educator

Deputy Sub-Branch President

The role of the Deputy Sub-Branch President is to carry out the responsibilities of the President in their absence and assist with the tasks of the Sub-Branch representatives.

Sub-Branch Secretary

The role of the Sub-Branch Secretary is to:

* Take minutes of Sub-Branch meetings, forward any motions passed on to the AEU office for Executive consideration (fax: 62731828 or email: aeuact@aeuact.org.au)

* Advise the AEU ACT (62727900) office if the list of financial members is incorrect, eg. a member has moved to another workplace

* Receive and distribute the AEU mail to members as quickly a possible, ie place The ACT Educator into pigeon holes, Council papers directly to Councillor etc.

Sub-Branch Executive

The President, Deputy-President and Secretary make up the Sub-Branch Executive.

The Sub-Branch Executive can act on behalf of the members of the Sub-Branch as long as it does so in a way that is consistent with any decisions made by the Sub-Branch as a whole. The Sub-Branch Executive reports to the Sub-Branch at Sub-Branch meetings of any executive acts since the previous Sub-Branch meeting. The Sub-Branch always hs the power to amend or reverse a decision of the Sub-Branch Executive.

The Sub-Branch Executive decides the business and the order of business for Sub-Branch meetings. It’s desirable to include an agenda when members are notified of an upcoming Sub-Branch meeting.

The Sub-Branch Executive is also responsible for:

* Regularly approaching non-members (including casual relief teachers) to join our Union and promote the benefits of union membership – membership forms are at www.aeuact.org.au, in The ACT Educator or telephone the AEU on 62727900.

* Supporting individual members with issues that arise in your workplace. Contact an Organiser in the AEU ACT office (62727900) for advice and support for any employment issue. 

* Sharing advice on our rights and conditions

* Promoting key messages from the AEU ACT office, via web, email, ACT Educator etc, to members.

* Setting up and maintaining a Union notice board in your staff common area.

* Nominating and signing off on AEU representatives sitting on Joint Selection Committee 
panels (only Joint Selection Committee-trained union members can sit on panels).

* Promoting AEU events and activities to all members.

Women’s Contact Officer

Women’s Contact Officer Role Description.pdf

New Educator Contact Officer

Health & Safety Representative

Election of Health & Safety Representatives After Nominations have closed.pdf

The AEU co-ordinates the filling of the OH&S Representatives for each school.

Workload Committee

Respect Equity Diversity Co-Ordinator (REDCO)

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