5. Branch Council

Sub-Branch Executive and Councillor Roles and Responsibilities.pdf

Branch Council Standing Orders.pdf

Branch Council Rules.pdf

Branch Council Rotating Councillors Proforma.pdf

Branch Council manages the affairs of our union and is its supreme policy-making body. With representatives from every Sub-Branch, it is where we democratically decide how we should collectively act. It is through a vote of Branch Council that we endorse our Enterprise Agreement claims (what we bargain for). Council elects the full-time paid organisers who work in the AEU ACT office. It determines membership fees and otherwise oversees the finances of our union. It receives the Annual Report and considers and determines any changes to our rules.  


Councillors are elected annually by their Sub-Branch. The role of Councillors is to represent the views of our workplace colleagues in the deliberations of the branch as a whole. This involves consulting with members of your Sub-Branch, communicating the decisions of your Sub-Branch at Council and reporting back to your Sub-Branch on Council’s major decisions. Councillors also play a vital role in publicising the major events and activities in our union and encouraging colleagues to get involved.

If you are unable to attend Council, please notify the AEU ACT office and arrange a for a replacement from you Sub-Branch to come along.

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