7. Representation on other organisations

Committee Representatives Report Pro Forma.pdf

There are many formal departmental committees and working parties that the AEU has representation on, covering a range of issues including qualifications, assessment, student management, OH&S and equity as well as working parties set up from time to time to work on a specific policy. The AEU regularly calls for nominations from members who wish to represent the AEU on these committees.

If you represent the AEU on any Committee, Board, or other consultative structure? If so, the Union requires reports from you after each meeting. To make this easy for you, the Union Office has developed a form for providing a report. You can download the proforma and complete it each time you need to send in a report. It can be faxed back to the Union Office on 6273-1828.

If your committee has not met, the Union Office requires a report at the end of the school year to indicate that this is the case.

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