The Bargaining Process - What next from here?

Here are the next steps following AEU ACT Branch Council's decision to reject ETD's offer.

  • New educators and members who joined after the 2011 campaign may not be familiar with the process of bargaining a new Enterprise Agreement. The main thing to remember is that last time the Government made four offers. We accepted the fourth and final offer - so there could be a long way to go yet.

  • AEU ACT negotiators have already resumed meeting with the ETD negotiators to explain that Branch Council has rejected their offer and to discuss how ETD can adequately address the claims teachers have put to them.

  • It's common for new Enterprise Agreements to include back-pay of salary increases to the nominal expiry of the previous Agreement (in our case now, October 1 2014). Achieving back-pay to this date will be a core-aim of the AEU bargaining team at the negotiation table.

  • AEU organisers have joined 35 sub-branch meetings in the first four weeks of Term 4. All sub-branches are encouraged to meet between now and November 22 Branch Council to discuss the ETD offer and Branch Council's response. AEU ACT staff are keen to join you to help explain the intricacies of negotiations. Just call 62727900 or email to let us know when you're meeting.

  • Sub-branches may consider passing resolutions in response to Council's decision. However, the most important task of meetings is to ensure everyone feels informed about the key points of disagreement between us and ETD. This will allow us to efficiently and effectively make decisions together at sub-branch and Council level as negotiations progress.¬†
  • To influence decisions made by Branch Council, members should seek to pass resolutions in their sub-branch and ensure sub-branch councillors attend Council meetings so they can express the views of the sub-branch. Sub-branch and Council meetings are fora in which every member's voice counts and we democratically determine our collective view. Next Council is November 22.

  • Some of your colleagues might not be aware of how important the union is to their working lives. Now's a great time to explain how we act as a bargaining agent to improve everybody's pay and conditions. Please download an application form and ask them to join us.
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