A Message from Glenn & Andy on 'Strike Looms' Headline

Contrary to the front page of the Canberra Times, a strike isn't 'looming'. Glenn & Andy correct the record.

A message from Glenn & Andy

A Strike Is Not ‘Looming’!

The sensational headline in Sunday’s Canberra Times was incorrect (and wasn’t even supported by the article underneath it).

The Canberra Times have now published this article online, correcting the record.

Actually,  We Are Succeeding in Making ETD Understand Our Workload Concerns

Last year, the evidence that teachers are working 50-hour weeks was unfortunately dismissed.

However, in December we organised for AEU members – from Primary, High School and College contexts – to sit down with ETD to explain all the unnecessary tasks we’re currently doing that don’t directly enhance student outcomes.

Now ETD have heard members explain the issues we’re facing, they are beginning to understand – and this is impacting the conversation at the bargaining table. Discussions are increasingly based on the premise that something has to be done about workload, and are focused on finding solutions.

You Decide If We Take Industrial Action

If, down the track, discussions stall we may have to give consideration to industrial action.

But you won’t find out about it on the front page of the Canberra Times because you will be making the decision.  AEU members collectively decide if we take industrial action: firstly, through a vote by Council representatives; and, secondly, through a ballot of all members conducted by Fair Work Australia.

It’s Important to Explain Our Campaign to New Colleagues

The Canberra Times article – and its misleading headline – illustrate how important it is we talk to every new colleague to explain our union, our campaign and the benefits of joining in.

People just joining the profession are liable to find it all a bit confusing. Please explain how, together, we’ve won salary increases and extra resources for our schools and now we’re engaged in negotiations to address excessive workload. And that we can only do it when we join together. Membership forms can be downloaded here.

February 14 Council

The first meeting of ACT Branch Council on Saturday February 14 is going to be very important. It will be an opportunity to give Council representatives a detailed briefing about the state of negotiations, so we’re all on the same page. Please make your Sub-branch has a Councillor in attendance.



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