A Plan to Protect TAFE

NSW Labor has announced a plan to protect TAFE that should be emulated by other States.

NSW Labor has announced that in Government they would protect TAFE’s future by putting a cap on contestable funding if elected should be emulated by political parties and State Governments across Australia

AEU Federal TAFE Secretary, Pat Forward, said: “NSW Labor will ensure that TAFE retains 70 per cent of government - funded vocational training, restricting private operato rs to 30 per cent of the market. This will give TAFE certainty of funding and allow it to continue its role in providing quality vocational education, especially in rural and regional NSW.” 

“This policy recognises that the rapid and unrest rained privatisation of vocational training in other States has led to a drop in quality and the decimation of TAFEs." Ms Forward said.


A Plan to Protect TAFE

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