Activating Sub-branches for 2015

Andy outlines why February 14 Council will be a really important meeting in launching Sub-branch activity for the year.

RSVP for Council this Saturday, February 14

It's critically important at least one Councillor from each Sub-branch is in attendance this Saturday. Enterprise Agreement negotiations are intensifying and this meeting will be a crucial opportunity to ensure everyone feels informed and can provide input into our shared direction.

Join Conversations

The number 1 reason people don’t join a union is because they’re not asked. Please make sure every new colleague is informed about our union and invited to join us.

Each Sub-branch president should have received the join packs we sent out in late January. Please distribute join packs to new colleagues. If you have run out or, for some reason, didn’t receive them, please just print out a membership application form.

Sub-branch Representative Elections

The nomination form for all the positions in your Sub-branch was posted out in late January. You can download one here.

One option is for your Sub-branch to meet this week so your Councillor can bring the completed nomination to Council on Saturday. Other Sub-branches are waiting until after Saturday to meet, so they can hear the report-back from Council at the same time as they elect new representatives. It’s up to you – nomination forms need to be returned to the AEU office by close of business on Friday the 27th.

Membership Checklists  

In late January, we posted out our current list of members in your Sub-branch.

We also sent out a Membership Checklist which asks you to indicate whose left and who has arrived in 2015, as well as whether join conversations have been conducted with new colleagues.

Please bring completed checklists to our Council meeting on Saturday.




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