Advice on the Transfer Round

Here's our advice if you're in the 2014 Transfer Round and have received a letter from ETD stating that you have not yet been placed in a new school.


Until notification to the contrary, all teachers continue in their current placement

All teachers for which a new placement has not been found remain at their current school until notification to the contrary, and should attend any scheduled professional learning in January 2015 at their current school.  

This includes those teachers who were advised by their principal that they need to apply for transfer.

While teachers who have not been provided a new placement face an unsettling time, the clear advice from ETD that your current placement continues for the time-being will hopefully moderate the uncertainty.

This commitment from ETD is an improvement on previous years when teachers in this situation were left in limbo between placements. AEU representations to ETD contributed to this improvement.

When will people who have not received a new placement be given one?

The matching process has not stopped, and the Directorate has stated that this process will continue from now through January/February until the end of Term 1.

The AEU has emphasised and the Directorate has accepted that it is highly desirable that all teachers receive notification of their new placement before annual leave begins prior to Christmas. We have also communicated to ETD the importance of new placements being of suitable length.

We hope and trust that every effort will be made by ETD in this regard and that this goal will be achieved in the overwhelming majority of cases.

What communication will be provided?

The information that we have received from ETD states ETD HR staff will liaise with affected members as further positions become available that match skill sets and experience.

We have sought, and ETD have committed to providing, communication throughout the break to affected teachers.

Enquiries to ETD

If affected members have any enquiries about the transfer process, they should contact HR People Services on 6205 9402 or 6205 9284.

Seeking help from the AEU ACT office team

Numerous members have already made contact with us directly and we encourage any other affected members to get in touch if they feel they need support (62727900,,

We can best provide assistance if we have the following informaiton:

  • Did you apply for special consideration?
  • Was your application for a voluntary transfer (or “early access”)?
  • Was your application triggered by a 2015 end date?
  • Did you apply for an extension at your current school?
  • Were you an NDIS impacted person?
  • Have you been on 2 or more 12 month contracts (or shorter)?
  • Did you apply in the 2013 transfer round?
  • Are there any issues that have arisen regarding personal conflict or grievances after the transfer process was initiated?
  • Were you offered a matched position and declined it?

Timing of initial notification of new placements

The late notification from ETD has added to anxiety around this issue. On more than one occasion, ETD revised the stated date for issuing notifications. We have communicated our significant concerns in this regard to ETD HR.

More information

Procedures for filling classroom teacher vacancies

Education and Training Directorate (Teaching Staff) Enterprise Agreement
(Consult Section S - Workforce Planning on p. 101 for provisions relating to the Transfer Round)


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