Advice on Overpayments

The AEU office has recently received several queries about overpayment.

From time to time, errors are made that lead to employees being overpaid. Because teachers are paid using public money, there is an ethical obligation on the employer to recover amounts that have been paid in error. Clause D5 of the Teachers’ Enterprise Agreement allows the employer to recover amounts that have been overpaid, and makes provisions for a payment plan to be established to avoid causing unnecessary financial hardship on the employee who has been overpaid. If you believe that there are special circumstances, you may apply to have this overpayment waived. 

If you believe that you may have been overpaid, we recommend that you set aside the amount that you believe has been paid to you in error and contact Shared Services Payroll at or on 6205 5444 to request assurance that you have been correctly paid.

If you have been overpaid, and believe that the repayment arrangement proposed by the employer will cause you financial hardship, contact the AEU office at or on 6272 7900.

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