Anne O'Neill - A Champion of Reconciliation

Anne O’Neil received the 2015 AEU ACT Reconciliation Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to Indigenous education at Belconnen High School.


Anne receiving the 2015 AEU ACT Reconciliation Award from Teachers' Health Fund's Jane Stower.

Anne O'Neill has a deep personal commitment to the education of Indigenous students and she consistently goes above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of her students. 

Anne works closely with Indigenous students to develop Personalised Learning Plans that help them define their goals and she runs fortnightly tutorials to provide additional academic support to Indigenous students at Belconnen High.

Anne has invested considerable time in preparing and supporting students as they apply for Aspiration Initiative scholarships for years 11 and 12. The results speak for themselves: three Belconnen High students have been awarded scholarships in recent years.

Anne has applied for numerous grants to help Indigenous students. This year the school was successful in getting a $5000 grant to resource tutoring.

She has also initiated a mentoring process for Indigenous students at Belconnen High under the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) programme.

Anne runs special assemblies every year, to celebrate Reconciliation Week, National Sorry Day and NAIDOC Week, which give Indigenous students the opportunity to share culture, stories and language with their school community.

Anne O’Neill’s energy and commitment shows in the educational outcomes her students are achieving. As importantly, Anne is someone who students know they can talk to. They know Anne believes in them, and with her support, more and more students have started to acknowledge their Aboriginality.

A very worthy recipient of the 2015 AEU ACT Reconciliation Award - Anne O’Neill.


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