April 1 pay rise

As of April 1 all classroom teachers and school leaders will receive a 2.5% pay rise.

This rise comes in addition to the 1.5% rise 6 months ago and is the final increment in the 2011 - 2014 enterprise agreement which expires in September.

We won this together

The April 1 pay rise is another flow-on from our successful enterprise agreement campaign in 2011. In that agreement, we won an average 5.1% pay increase in the first year and 7% over the following two years. From April 1, beginning teachers will be earning over $5000 per annum more than they did in 2011. Teachers at the top of the salary scale will be earning over $11000 per annum more than in 2011. School leaders also achieved great results.

The benefits of unity

The pay rise tomorrow will occur because of our strong level of unity and commitment. We took action together and we won a great result. It's a great time to talk to the small minority of our colleagues who aren't members about joining our union. With everybody on board, we can repeat the success of 2011 as we negotiate a new enterprise agreement this year.

Read more about what we're bargaining for in the new enterprise agreement.

Membership fees

As membership fees are .85% + GST of our salaries, there will be a small fee increase in line with the April 1 pay rise. This will be processed automatically for members who pay by payroll, credit card and direct debit and will be incorporated into quarterly statements.  

A winning campaign

From the vaults - a reminder of all we won in 2011.



More time please! Read about what we're bargaining for this year.

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