Back-pay is on the way

The new Teaching Staff Enterprise Agreement has now come into effect, and we are anticipating back-pay will arrive in October. 

Updated September 21

The new 2014 - 2018 Teaching Staff Enterprise Agreement is now  in effect and salary increases and back-pay will flow shortly. At this stage, the timeline below reflects when we expect pay increases will arrive but these dates may change.

Step 1. Salary increases

The first step, which ETD is currently indicating will occur on the October 8 pay day, is a 3% jump in our salaries as they incorporate the 1.5% November 1 2014 increase and 1.5% May 1 2015 increase. 

Step 2. Salary back-pay

The next pay packet on October 22 should then include back-payment of the 1.5% salary increases from November 1 2014 and May 1 2015 and back-payment for any leave periods where a pay increase retrospectively applies, eg. an additional 1.5% for the 2014/15 annual leave period.

Step 3. November 1 2015 1.5% pay increase

The next 1.5% pay increase is on November 1. On November 5 pay day, pay packets will start to reflect that increase. However, it will not be until November 19 that we receive a whole fortnight's pay at the new, increased level.

Please note that the dates mentioned above may change. We will continue to provide updates as we get more certainty around the delivery of salary increases and back-pay.

Salaries under the new Agreement

The settlement of 12.6% over 4 years will mean we continue to be the third best paid teachers in the country and salary increases stay well ahead of inflation. Our pay rises will be slightly better than those enjoyed by other ACT public servants and dramatically higher than anything being offered to Commonwealth public servants at the moment.

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