Call For Nominations For Vacancies on Branch Executive

Eligible AEU ACT financial members are invited to nominate for a vacant General Membership Representative position, and the TAFE Representative and Alternate TAFE Representative positions on Branch Executive.

Call for nominations

AEU ACT Branch Election Notice
Nomination Form AEU ACT Branch
AEU ACT Branch Executive Rules

Eligible financial AEU ACT Branch members are invited to nominate to be a member of Branch Executive for the term ending June 30, 2017. It’s a great way of becoming deeply involved in your union and developing a broad understanding of education across the ACT.

General Membership Representative (1) 

All financial AEU ACT members, other than members at CIT, are eligible to nominate. (The vacancy arises as Sam Delaney was elected in July but resigned due to taking a paid position as Business Manager in the AEU office.)

TAFE Representative (1) and Alternate TAFE Representative (1)

All financial AEU ACT members at CIT are eligible to apply. (These two positions are vacant as no nominations were received when elections were held earlier in the year.) 

Written nominations must reach the Returning Officer (Chris Cox, Australian Electoral Commission, PO Box 496 Haymarket NSW 1240 or not later than 4.30pm on Friday, 16 October 2015.

What is Branch Executive?

Executive is comprised of:

  • The Branch Secretary
  • The Branch President
  • Three (3) Vice-Presidents
  • Eight (8) General Membership Representatives
  • A TAFE Representative and Alternate TAFE Representative
  • A Preschool Representative and Alternate Preschool Representative
  • AEU ACT staff attend meetings of Branch Executive in an ex officio capacity.

The responsibilities of Branch Executive include:

  • Managing the affairs of the Branch generally and acting to achieve the union’s objectives
  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures relating to the expenditure of the Branch.
  • Overseeing the financial management of the Branch
  • Appointing employees of the Union responsible for carrying out duties within the Branch, determining their duties, fixing remuneration and suspending or discharging any such employee
  • Exercising all or any of the powers and carrying out and performing all or any of the duties and functions of Branch Council, subject to directions given by Branch Council.

For more information read the rules relating to AEU ACT Branch Executive and the complete AEU ACT Branch Rules.

What is the role of members of Branch Executive?

  • Set the strategic and policy direction of the union, subject to the decisions made by Branch Council.
  • Members of Branch Executive manage the financial affairs of our union.
  • Attend Branch Executive meetings (14 times a year on Tuesday evenings) at 40 Brisbane Avenue Barton. Meeting dates for Term 4, 2015 are: October 13; November 3; November 24; December 8.
  • Attend Branch Council meetings (Branch Executive members are automatically members of Council) at CIT Reid. Meeting dates for Term 4, 2015 are October 24 and November 21.

How do I nominate?

To nominate, you need to have two nominators who are financial members of the ACT Branch of the AEU and would be eligible for the position concerned, ie. are at CIT for the TAFE positions, or works in a school or in ETD central office in the case of the General Member Representative position. Once you have got their signatures and completed the nomination form, please submit it to the Returning Officer, Chris Cox, not later than 4.30pm on Friday, 16 October 2015.

By post: PO Box 496 Haymarket NSW 1240
By fax: (02) 9375 6336
By hand: Level 10, 59 Goulburn Street, Haymarket NSW 2000
By email: (submit as PDF file, emails greater than 6 MB size may not be accepted by the AEC’s firewall.

Elections will be conducted if there are more nominees than vacancies. 

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