Survey on CIT Offer

Would you vote yes or no to CIT proposal to remove the AST classification?

The AEU has received a formal offer from CIT of pay and conditions for the Teaching Staff Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017. Contained in this offer is the removal of the current Advance Skills Teacher (AST) classification without an equivalent replacement. Some members feel very strongly that that this devalues the quality teaching role that is currently provided by these staff and that the removal of this classification significantly reduces the career development opportunities available to all staff. TAFE Council is meeting tomorrow, Friday the 16th, and would like an indication of member sentiment on this issue. Please indicate how you feel on this issue. Do you agree to the removal of the AST classification? Are you satisfied with the CIT offer of the Teacher Level 2 suggestions? Please note that the current pay offer and back pay is approved by ACT Government so will not change if you vote NO to the offer. A No vote may delay the implementation date, but the back pay date has been agreed to. Would you vote YES or NO to this proposal?
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