New AEU-CIT Agreement Endorsed

At the counting of the CIT EBA ballot on Friday 29 August, there were 194 Yes votes to 13 No votes.

Major highlights of the AEU-CIT Enterprise Agreement 2013 - 2017

This is an overwhelming endorsement of the new Enterprise Agreement. On behalf of your AEU negotiators, I thank you for your strong support.

Thanks Graeme, Mark & Karen

Over the period of the negotiations, TaFE Council members, Graeme Lawson, Mark Hemmingsen and Karen Noble, directly participated in the negotiations with AEU officers and I acknowledge and thank them for their strong and diligent advocacy in representing your interests.

TaFE Council to monitor implementation

This result was reported to AEU TaFE Council, in session at that time. Given that there are a number of EA provisions which contain work and benefits to be activated over the next 12 months, TaFE Council has decided to reorder its monthly Agenda to include those provisions as standing items in order to monitor and promote their progress. AEU CIT sub-branches will also be taking up these agenda items in your regular meetings. 

Over the next week, AEU & CIT will prepare and complete the necessary paperwork to file an application with the Fair Work Commission for approval of the CIT EBA.

Again, thank you for your support and endorsement.

The money's coming

I appreciate we all want to know when back pay and pay increases will arrive. At this moment, I can't say with certainty but I'm hopeful they will be delivered by the end of October. I will be sure to let you know more definite timing as soon as I do.


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