CIT Representative Nominations

CIT members are invited to nominate for the roles of TAFE Councillor and/or Sub-branch President, Deputy President and Secretary.

To nominate, download and complete this form: Word | PDF.

Each campus sub-branch elects a President, Deputy President and Secretary. Presidents automatically sit on TAFE Council. In addition every sub-branch is entitled to 1 TAFE Councillor for the first 10 members and additional Councillors for every 20 members after that. That results in the following allocation. 

CIT - Bruce: 4 Councillors and 4 Alternate Councillors
CIT - Fyshwick: 2 Councillors and 2 Alternate Councillors 
CIT - Reid: 5 Councillors and 5 Alternate Councillors 
CIT - Woden: 3 Councillors and 3 Alternate Councillors  

Please forward all nominations to Lauren McKee in the AEU ACT Office. Nominations are due - so please get yours in as soon as possible.

Post: PO Box 3673, Manuka ACT 2603
By Hand: 40 Brisbane Avenue, Barton ACT 2600
Fax: 6273 1828

Any questions can be directed to Lauren McKee at the AEU Office on 6272 7900 or


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