Colleagues Not Cases

In September 2013, the Commissioner of Public Administration released his report, Colleagues not Cases, Managing People and Resolving Workplace Issues at CIT.

The Report contends that whilst CIT is far from broken, the Institute exhibited clear deficiencies in the way it handled complaints in the workplace. Public and personal apologies have been made to a number of our members who bravely presented their case to the Commissioner. Progress is being made by CIT in providing an environment for staff where they can have confidence that issues will be addressed promptly, fairly and compassionately. There is more work to do, and the CIT has shown a genuine willingness to work closely with the AEU to ensure that this opportunity to adopt best practice is not lost. Both parties are united in their goal of seeing CIT.

'Colleagues not Cases' is in large part the outcome of tireless campaigning by brave AEU members and the union as a whole. In an opinion piece in the Canberra Times in July 2012 - Our CIT must be properly supported and funded, AEU ACT Secretary, Glenn Fowler, wrote the following.

It is a sad reflection on governmental support for TAFEs across the country that a reduction in funding in real terms (from all funding sources) of the ACT's TAFE in excess of 33 per cent since 1997 is only the fourth-worst in the nation. We should not judge the ACT's support for its primary Vocational Education and Training provider by the standards of the other states and territories, which are currently involved in a neo-liberal race to the bottom. If we were truly ''the clever country'', we would recognise that education and training of a nation's citizenry is a smart investment, not a burden to be borne, especially as we are in the midst of a skills shortage.

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Our CIT must be properly supported and funded, Glenn Fowler, The Canberra Times, July 2, 2012

Colleagues not Cases, Managing People and Resolving Workplace Issues at CIT, ACT Commissioner for Public Administration, September 2013


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