Competition Agenda Failing

PISA data shows more competition between schools has failed to improve student results but has increased social segregation.

In today's Canberra Times, Save Our Schools national convenor, Trevor Cobbold, writes: "The OECD has issued a damning verdict on education policies that promote competition between schools." Cobbold outlines evidence from the OECD's PISA in Focus report that demonstrates:

  • Student performance is unrelated to the degree of competition between schools for student enrolments.
  • Increased competition amongst schools for student enrolments is associated with greater social segregation.
  • School competition is not related to better mathematics performance amongst students. 

Cobbold comments:

"Government policies to create more competition between school sectors in Australia have completely backfired. Australia now has one of the largest private school sectors in the world, but its school performance is declining." 

An extended version of Cobbold's report can be found at the Save Our Schools website.


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