Congratulations Roger Amey

Roger Amey from Lake Ginninderra College is the winner of the 2015 Public Education Award.


2015 Public Education Award winner, Roger Amey, with AEU ACT President, Lana Read, and Kevin King from TM Bank.

Roger Amey is a frontline warrior in the struggle for public education. This is not a recent phase in Roger’s life. This is who Roger is. He embodies everything that is great and powerful in our struggle.

Roger has occupied close to every elected position in our Branch. He has represented the AEU on countless committees and government bodies, as a valuable contributor to the strength of our public system, but also as a conscience to make sure nobody forgets what is really important.

In our union, if anyone talks about education for more than ten minutes without mentioning students, Roger will intervene. It is impossible to overstate his sense of duty to Canberra’s children and young people, particularly our most vulnerable. There are plenty of tears with Roger, but never crocodile tears. He is disgusted by inequity and by the preservation of privilege. He will not rest unless every single student is given the resources she or he needs to achieve their potential. Education is a human right, not a commodity to be supersized if you’ve won the parental income lottery.

Roger can be a firebrand but he can also be a pragmatist. He reads the politics and he reads the membership. He has great respect for school leadership. Principals he works with do not fear him: they respect and admire him, and they seek his input. His knocks at the door are not met with groans, but with relish, because school leaders know Roger’s finger is on the pulse and that a way is about to be found to make the school better.

Our Branch has changed significantly in recent times, and Roger has been an advocate for our growth strategy and organising approach. Change does not come easily, and only a small number of people will have a full appreciation of the quality of his stewardship whenever the waters have become choppy.

For Roger, being a teacher, a leader, a political activist, a change-maker and a union member are indistinguishable. Thousands of educators, and thousands of students, have an improved life because of Roger Amey.

He is a most worthy recipient of the Public Education Award.

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