Council: Reduced Face-To-Face Hours Must Be Part of Agreement

March 21 Council resolved that reduced face-to-face hours should be part of any agreement we make with the employer.

We are calling all sub-branches to meet urgently to provide feedback on Council's decision.

Sub-branch feedback can be provided using this online form or this template: PDF | Word.

Resolution passed by Branch Council March 21 2015

Council acknowledges the work done with the employer to explore alternative models for teacher workload reduction to create the space teachers need to collaborate meaningfully during the working week. The work is positive but not sufficient of itself.

Council instructs AEU negotiators to inform ETD that the union requires further consideration of its claim to reduce face-to-face teaching hours.

Councillors agree to seek the views of their sub-branch on the above decision and to provide feedback to the Branch Secretary using the template provided.


  • ETD’s offer on October 24 flatly rejected our claim for reduced face-to-face hours. They stated it would require 177 extra teachers, costing $17 million extra a year and they were unwilling to provide that extra resourcing.

  • Subsequently, negotiations with the employer have focused on exploring alternative or supplementary ways teacher workload can be reduced.

  • The Branch Secretary presented the outcome of those discussions to Council at its meeting on Saturday (March 21).

  • Summarised very briefly, the employer has proposed that the new agreement will define a teacher’s core role and include a list of activities – those that do not require educational expertise - that teachers will no longer be required to perform. A central office function will take responsibility for pro-actively managing workload across the system.

  • Council’s decision, expressed in the above resolution, was that this proposal is not sufficient to address excessive workload and create time for increased professional collaboration.

  • Council has instructed negotiators to inform ETD that we require them to reconsider their position on reducing face-to-face hours.

What now?

  • Councillors decided, in the above resolution, to urgently consult with all members through sub-branch meetings.

  • We ask each sub-branch to meet to decide whether it supports Council’s decision to insist on reduced face-to-face hours. Sub-branch feedback can be provided online here or by completing and returning this template: PDF | Word.

  • The purpose of the consultation is to test whether the membership as a whole supports the resolution passed by Council.

  • To be effective, we need to act with unity, and the purpose of this consultation is to ensure there is majority support for the direction we take.


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