Pyne's Curriculum Review: An Unnecessary Distraction

AEU ACT shares the overwhelming consensus on Christopher Pyne's curriculum review: it's politically motivated; poorly timed and it lacks independence. Most importantly, it's a distraction from the urgent task of implementing better funding in our schools.  

The Australian Education Union today called on the Education Minister Christopher Pyne to explain why he was allowing the person appointed to review the curriculum to continue to run the Liberal Party lines on Gonski funding. AEU Deputy Federal President Correna Haythorpe said Kevin Donnelly’s piece on school funding published by Fairfax media today was simply a regurgitation of the Liberal Party’s key messages.

“It is unprecedented that a former Liberal Party preselection candidate, who holds extreme views and demonstrated anti-public school attitudes, was even appointed to undertake a review of the national curriculum. He certainly should not be allowed to now keep pumping out the Liberal’s lines on school funding,” she said.


'Pyne's review is just a diversion from Gonski reforms', Ken Boston, 17/1/2014

"If there had been no Gonski report, there would be no review of the national curriculum. The purpose of the review is to allow Education Minister Christopher Pyne to divert attention away from the inequality of opportunity which is the real cause of decline in educational achievement in Australia, and which it suits his purpose to maintain."

"The game plan is to convince the Australian community that our poor educational performance is due to a low-grade politically-correct national curriculum, lacking both challenge and aspiration, having been foisted upon an unsuspecting nation by a supposed clique from the ''cultural left''.

"This is a preposterous misrepresentation, but Pyne is banking on it having sufficient traction to diminish the strength of the argument to address inequality of opportunity by targeting funds strategically at areas of need. This he does not want to do."






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