Donnelly's Credibility in Tatters


The credibility of Kevin Donnelly, the man hand-picked by Christopher Pyne to review the Australian Curriculum, is in tatters.

The choice of this divisive and highly partisan figure to lead a putatively independent review was always highly inappropriate. His comments in support of corporal punishment indicate he lacks both the values and the professional judgment to perform this role.  Greens Education Spokeswoman,  Penny Wright, has called for Minister Pyne to sack Donnelly in the light of his latest comments.

AEU ACT Branch Secretary, Glenn Fowler, said in The Canberra Times: "All fair-minded people would see these comments as totally ridiculous and out of step with Australian community opinion and out of step with the law… It was utterly disturbing to hear Donnelly recount stories of his past of teachers luring students behind the shed to administer a punishment."

Glenn commented "the real issue here is Christopher Pyne's judgement in employing this man to review the Australian curriculum before it has had time to do its work".

Donnelly’s comments are evidence that he is completely divorced from the realities of the contemporary classroom. There is so much that governments can and should be doing to better support educators in classrooms across the country. Christopher Pyne seems more focused on politicking and ideological debates.

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