Enterprise Agreement Implementation Update

A series of mechanisms have been put in place to achieve sustained workload reduction, as outlined in the new enterprise agreement.

New School Assistants

To access the extra resourcing each school will be required to complete a workload reduction plan outlining what actions it will take to implement the new Section Q Guidelines on Addressing Teacher Workload. We are anticipating that ETD will invite schools to complete workload reduction plans this term, allowing the extra resourcing to be unlocked in 2016.

School Workload Committees

School Workload Committees have an important role this term in identifying any areas in which teachers are currently doing tasks which fall outside the Section Q Guidelines and discussing potential solutions. These deliberations should feed into the school's Workload Reduction Plan and also be forwarded to the AEU Workload Advisory Group ( We call on all workload committees to convene as soon as possible, if you haven’t already, to undertake these discussions.

AEU Workload Advisory Group

This group will monitor developments across the system and identify and share best practice. It will inform the AEU’s representations in the EA Implementation Committee to ETD about the progress of workload reduction. Congratulations and thank you to the following members who have volunteered to sit on the group:

Three School Workload Committee Representatives:

Primary School - Glennis Weatherstone
High School – Ingrid Bean
College – Emily Squires

Four Branch Councillors:

Preschool - Anna Dytlewski
Primary School – Trina Cleary
High School – Karl Erik Paasonen
College – Ian Marshall

Three members of Branch Executive:

Primary School – Angela Burroughs
High School – Shane Gorman
College -Theresa Carroll

Three Principals:

Primary School – Annamaria Zuffo
High School – Michael Kindler
College – George Palavestra

The AEU Industrial Officer, Garrett Purtill; Lead Organiser, Andy Jennings, and Branch Secretary, Glenn Fowler, will sit on this  group. Members with specialist roles will be consulted as required.

System Workload Leadership Team

ETD will recruit two SLB level positions to run the System Workload Leadership Team which will be the central workload reduction function referred to in the Section Q Guidelines. The System Workload Leadership Team will work with the EA implementation committee to deliver workload reduction across ACT public schools. 

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