Explainer: Workload Reduction Plans

By completing a workload reduction plan this term, your school will unlock additional resources for 2016. When you've completed your plan, please send it to the AEU office (  as well as ETD.

Download the Workload Reduction Plan template.

  • The Hughes Primary Sub-branch have already created their Workload Reduction Plan. Trina Cleary and Mat McRae spoke with other Councillors on November 21 about how they created their plan and what's in it.
  • ETD requires each school to complete a Workload Reduction Plan in order to obtain the additional resources set out in the new EA to take non-teaching tasks off teachers.
  • Each School Workload Committee should meet as soon as possible to devise a Workload Reduction Plan: by completing it in coming weeks schools will ensure they have access to additional resources at the start of the 2016 school year.
  • The Workload Reduction Plan has three elements: effective use of new resources; identification of other measures within the school to reduce teacher workload; data collection and evaluation processes.
  • ETD will distribute a Workload Reduction Plan template this week. However, schools don’t need to wait for this to get started.
  • The Section Q Guidelines are an indispensable support in developing your Workload Reduction Plan and Workload Committees should start by referring to the lists of tasks teachers should no longer do or only have limited involvement in.

ETD has sent all principals a template to assist your school in completing a workload reduction plan.

Your plan should set out how, in accordance with the new Section Q Guidelines, teachers will be relieved of non-teaching tasks at your school. The plan will develop over time, as an organic document, but at this stage it is important to demonstrate that staff have engaged with the process of workload reduction, and that you've considered doing tasks differently. By returning your plan to ETD, your school will receive the additional resourcing won in the Enterprise Agreement negotiations.

Please contact the AEU office (6272 7900, for any assistance you need. When you've completed your plan, please send it to John McIntyre in the ETD People and Performance section ( and the AEU office (

In addition to the template provided by ETD, the following resources may be of assistance

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