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The School Assistant Classification Review - the Mercer Report has landed!

The Mercer Report has landed!

As you would be aware the School Assistant Classification Review set out under Clause T21 of the ACTPS Admin & Related Classifications Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017, has been underway since 2014. The purpose of the Review was to:

  • Develop a classification structure that supports career development for School Assistants
  • Provide clear work expectations, including the required skills and qualifications, for School Assistants.
  • Consider the relationship between any changed expectations and appropriate remuneration
  • Develop clear and transparent processes for the administration of relevant allowances.

The final package of documents as agreed between the Working Party & ETD was submitted to Mercer for work value assessment on 24 July 2015.

The long awaited report from Mercer has finally arrived and we are currently reviewing the findings and will be meeting with ETD early in Term 1 to discuss the contents of the report.    

After meetings with ETD and when all is clarified,  my intention is to deliver a brief summary of the report to all School Assistant Members for consideration and then follow this up with three regional meetings during Term 1 to discuss the report and where to from here.

Health Access At Schools (HAAS)

Negotiations with ETD and Health are continuing regarding the HAAS pilot program being undertaken in schools.  Progress has been long coming but is now being made and further discussions will be held over the next two weeks.  We will continue to update and inform members of the outcome of our negotiations.

We appreciate your patience in this matter and whilst it has been an issue for some time I would like to reiterate that the AEU is working very hard to negotiate a positive outcome that is beneficial to all stakeholders.

School Assistants and Teacher Workload Reduction

The Teacher Workload Reduction Plan is something that will impact School Assistants in variety of ways.  Firstly, it is designed to allow teachers to get on with their core role of teaching.  Secondly, it may provide an opportunity for schools to employ more School Assistants or offer extended hours to existing part-time School Assistants.

This workload reduction is not designed to increase the workload of existing staff and if you find that your workload has increased but your hours remain the same then you need to advise your AEU School Workload Committee Representative in the first instance to assist you to resolve the matter. Section Q Guidelines to the Teachers EBA provides for a non-teaching staff member representative on the Workload Committee in your school. (This means a School Assistant can be on the committee and represent non-teaching staff).

If the matter is not resolved or you would like more information or assistance please contact the AEU Office on 62727900 or email

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