Fighting For Fair Conditions · 2006

9._Fighting_For_Fair_Conditions_2006.pngAn arbitration decision on 12 January 2007 ends the longest running industrial dispute in the history of the ACT teaching workforce. The Government had attempted to close 39 preschools and schools, cut 145 school-based and 90 office-based positions, increase weekly face-to-face teaching hours in secondary schools from 18 to 20 in return for a salary offer that was 1.8% below inflation and to cut CIT funding by 5%. In the face of this unprecedented assault on public education in the ACT, we join together in a massive show of unity, striking throughout 2006. Our solidarity and determination forces the Government into arbitration. Ultimately, the Arbiter sets secondary face-to-face hours at 19, high schools lose 35 positions and after a year and a half without any salary increases, we achieve an 11.5% increase over 18 months. Our united action achieves an outcome that represents a dramatic improvement on what the Government had sought. Within a year, 35 positions lost under arbitration are restored elsewhere in the system.

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