For Making A Difference in 2014, Thank you!


Together we have been hugely successful this year in improving our working lives and enhancing the educational opportunities of our students. That’s because of your commitment, involvement and energy.

Here are just some of the great things we’ve done together this year.

1. Achieved Salary Justice For ACT School Teachers

The pay rise for ETD teachers in April meant beginning teachers are earning over $5000 more per annum than they did in 2011. Teachers at the top of the salary scale are now earning over $11000 more each year. That means we’re now earning comparable salaries to our colleagues doing the same job across the border – a position we need to ensure we maintain in our next Agreement.

2. Won Massive Extra Investment For Our Students

This year our Gonski campaign made a huge difference in the lives of young Australians. Despite the efforts of the Commonwealth Government and some State Governments to dismantle Gonski, billions of extra dollars flowed to Australian school students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds – as a result of our Gonski campaign. In the ACT, Gonski has guaranteed growth education budgets for the foreseeable future.

3. Gained Recognition and Respect for School Assistants

This year School Assistants won an immediate flat rate wage increase of $1770 plus 3% per annum; the capacity for Preschool Assistants to move through the competency barrier and a review of all School Assistant classifications (including associated remuneration, career paths, qualifications & allowances).

4. Won Salary Increases for CIT Teachers

The new CIT Enterprise Agreement provided a flat $2090.00 increase plus 3% per annum after that. The workload review arising from the Agreement will help strip non-teaching tasks out of the working week.

5. Gained A Domestic Violence Leave Entitlement

This is a profoundly significant achievement that will make a positive difference in the lives of victims of domestic violence. It means victims of domestic violence are now entitled to additional leave to do things like attend counselling and medical appointments and attend court proceedings.

6. Protected ACT Public Schools From Pyne Agenda

This year, Christopher Pyne’s attempt to eviscerate our public education system through his Independent Public Schools agenda was defeated, due in significant part to our dialogue with the ACT Government.

7. Stopping TAFE Cuts

After years of TAFE neglect, the Stop TAFE Cuts campaign made a big breakthrough in 2014 with the NSW opposition adopting a policy which would cap funding contestability in the VET sector. In what has been a bleak policy landscape, this is a positive step in the right direction.

8. Fought For A Fair Go For Canberra

In the face of the Abbott Government’s attack on public services like Medicare and Universities, we joined with other unions and community groups to stand up for decent public services, hard-working public servants and the Canberra economy. 

9. Bigger Than Ever Before

Our strong culture and member activism has meant our membership levels are higher than ever before.

10. Set A New Agenda With Our Bargaining Claim

As a community of educators, we have formulated and pursued an Enterprise Agreement claim that addresses excessive workload and advances collaborative professional learning. We have taken the international evidence of the best way of improving student outcomes and put it at the top of the Government’s agenda.

Thank you for your commitment to our union this year and thank you for making a difference.

Have a wonderful festive season and new year and a well-earned break!

Glenn Fowler AEU ACT Branch Secretary

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