Gonski COAG Morning Action

It was a big day for public education last Friday morning, starting off right with an enlivening "Honk for Gonski" visibility action on the road into COAG. The PM went by early and so did Scott Morrison. Suffice it to say, they didn't honk.


Congratulations to those AEU members who teamed up last Friday morning with NSW Teachers Federation activists at short notice, to send a strong message to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about education funding equity.

Over 30 of us wore Gonski green, and waved placards at commuting workers on their way into Parliament House. Mr Turnbull and Scott Morrison were sighted but kept a low profile.


Later in the day, Mr Turnbull was forced to back down on his idea to leave public school funding to the states while continuing to provide federal funding to private and independent schools. If this was your first action standing up for public schools, well done indeed. 

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