The Gonski vans are here!


From Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and Hobart, the Gonski vans travelled to Canberra to demand the full Gonski ahead of the May budget.

You can help us get the full 6 years of Gonski funding. Make a submission to the Gonski Senate inquiry.

The campaign for fairer school funding has won so much for Australian students. The Gonski plan provides:

  •  A Schooling Resource Standard - a common amount of funding per year for every Australian child determined on the basis of what works at the moment.
  • Loadings for children from disadvantaged backgrounds: low SES; disabled; rural and regional; non-English speaking bacground; Indigenous
  • Loadings for schools where there are a concentration of disadvantaged students
  • A large injection of extra funds into our schools to, amongst other things, provide more specialised assistance to enhance numeracy and literacy

But the Gonski plan is under threat. The transition has been budgeted to occur over six years but Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne won't commit to the 5th and 6th years.

That’s why, ahead of the May budget, four bright green Gonski vans have travelled from Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and Hobart all the way to Canberra. They’ve connected with communities the length and breadth of the country to build support for a commitment to the full Gonski in the May budget.

Join us at Richardson Primary to welcome the vans when they arrive in town Tuesday morning. RSVP now.

Right now we also have another great opportunity to tell our politicians what extra resources will mean for our students. The Senate Inquiry into School Funding gives us a chance to put real pressure on the Government ahead of the May budget.

Please, tell our politicians the difference extra resources could make in the lives of your students.

What: A short submission to the Senate Inquiry into School Funding.
How: It’s really easy! Just complete the fields in the form here and submit it online:
When: Submissions need to be made by March 24.
Find out more:


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