HAAS Agreement Close

Since Council’s decision of 25 July 2015, AEU officers and staff have been negotiating the arrangements for the Healthcare Access At School (HAAS) program.

We can report that in-principle agreement has been reached on the following substantive matters:

  • School Assistants will participate in the HAAS program should they feel “competent and confident” to do so.

  • All participants will be funded and supported to complete units of competency towards a formal qualification through CIT.

  • Any current SA2s who participate in the program will be re-classified to SA3 level. If it is anticipated that the HAAS duties will be required for a period of less than 12 months, the officer will perform higher duties at SA3 level, and may then revert to their previous role.

  • Nurses will be based at three of our specialist schools and one nurse will initially have responsibility for the Woden School.

  • Nurses will have responsibility for assisting all students with healthcare needs and not only the HAAS students.

  • Nurses will have a stipulated role in providing advice to the Principal around staff competence in HAAS-related matters.

  • At each of the specialist schools there will be four designated First Aid Officers who will be trained in advance and receive a First Aid Allowance.

  • All School Assistants participating in the program will receive a "HAAS Allowance" effective from 2 May 2016 amounting to $1250 per annum (or $1062.50 if the officer is at 85%, or pro-rata for part-time). This effectively means an immediate pay rise of more than 2% per annum or a gross amount of almost $41 per pay period.

  • No teachers will participate in the program.

  • Prior to an agreement along these lines being finalised, the AEU is expecting a model to be produced which supports School Assistants to complete the rigorous training requirements without an undue impact on their family lives.

  • Further updates will be provided as matters develop.


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