HAAS Survey Results

Our survey on the Health Access At Schools program, conducted between June 17 and July 3 has revealed widespread concerns about the impact on student safety and educator workload. 

Feedback from ACT Health HAAS Focus Groups

AEU ACT HAAS Survey: Download PDF


July 25 Branch Council Resolution on HAAS

Council acknowledges the broad consultation that has occurred within the AEU ACT Branch membership, including through a member survey and member meetings, on the question of the Healthcare Access at School (HAAS) program.

Council requests the Secretary to prepare a submission for the current ACT Government review into HAAS which reflects the following principles:

  • All young people have the right to access a school education
  • It is not always practical or desirable for education staff to carry out individual complex healthcare procedures
  • Education staff involved in individual complex healthcare procedures associated with the HAAS program or equivalent should do so through mutual agreement between the manager and education staff member
  • Responsibility for the performance management of education staff regarding their HAAS –related duties must sit with ACT Health and not school principals
  • Education staff participating in HAAS or equivalent must be funded and supported to achieve the pre-requisite skills as part of formal accredited training through a recognised training provider in addition to the specific healthcare procedures relevant to the identified student or students with whom they are directly working
  • Education staff participating in HAAS or equivalent must receive commensurate remuneration, to be negotiated with the AEU, for performing this role
  • At least one registered nurse should be present at all times in specialist schools
  • The AEU is open to negotiations to address the unique circumstances at a given site
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