Our History

The story of our union is one of educators coming together to make a difference. As educators in ACT public schools and at the Canberra Institute of Technology, we have taken action time and again to ensure we are fairly rewarded for the great work we do. We have also consistently advanced the cause of public education in our community. After all, teachers’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions.   Because of our action, class sizes are smaller, meaning students enjoy better learning environments and more individual attention. By speaking with one united voice about the value of education, we have won the kind of investment in our schools that our students deserve.   As a professional community, we have taken initiative to ensure we continue delivering the best for our students and are held in high esteem in our community. From professional development to a professional code, we as educators have been at the forefront of driving positive change.   We have also played a crucial part in winning conditions that give everybody, no matter their background, the chance to have a rewarding and fulfilling working life. Our efforts, together with those of union members around the country, won paid parental leave. Our action in the past, means educators today can work part-time in a permanent position. Our activism has helped eliminate sexism in educational settings. 
As educators, we make a difference every day to the lives of the young people in our classes. Our activity as unionists over many decades has ensured that we have the resources, conditions and recognition we need to do the best job we can.
Better Funding For Our Schools · 2013
Colleagues Not Cases · 2013
Paid Parental Leave · 2011
Nationally Competitive Salaries · 2011
Improving the MySchool Website · 2010
The Fair Work Act · 2009
For Our Future · 2008
Our Rights at Work · 2007
Fighting For Fair Conditions · 2006
Keeping Our Schools Open · 2006
School Assistants on Board · 2006
Maintaining the Reputation of our Profession · 2005
$110 million Enterprise Bargaining Victory · 2004
The Security of a Permanent Position · 2002
Reducing Kinder to Year 3 Classes to 21 · 2002
Enhancing Our Profession · 1996
Follett Rolled: Teachers Keep Jobs · 1993
Birth of the Australian Education Union · 1993
Australian Teachers Union · 1991
Permanent Part-Time Work · 1986
Why 36 Is A Crowd · 1985
Equal Employment Opportunity · 1984
When we were ‘CEEPed’ · 1982
Elimination of Sexism in Education · 1979
Staffing Crisis · 1978
Paid Maternity Leave · 1973
Rapid Membership Growth · 1973
Creation of the ACT Teachers’ Federation · 1972
The Origins of Paid Annual Leave · 1935
NSW Teachers’ Federation · 1919
The Minimum Wage · 1907
Queensland Teachers Union · 1889
Eight Hour Day, Work, Rest and Play · 1856
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