Increases in Payment For Pre-service Teacher Supervision


Following productive discussions with the University of Canberra, we are pleased to advise that there will be new daily rates for mentors of pre-service teachers.

In line with increases recently achieved in NSW, these new rates amount to as much as a 35% increase to the 2014 rate, effective immediately, and growing.

Payments to primary mentors will increase from $21.20 per day in 2014 to $30 per day in 2017.

Payments to secondary teachers will grow from $12.45 to $15 per subject area per day over the same period.

Payments to pre-service school co-ordinators will also increase from $1.30 per student per day to $1.50 per student per day by 2017.

This initiative addresses part of the resolution passed by AEU ACT Branch Council at its meeting on November 22: That all payments to mentors for all practicum placements in all ETD schools be reviewed immediately and be adjusted to a level that as a minimum is equivalent to the NSW payment of $26 per day.

These increases apply to the mentors of all University of Canberra pre-service teachers. We commend UC for recognising the important role public school teachers play in partnering with the University in the preparation of future teachers. 

We will continue discussions with the Australian Catholic University in pursuit of similar increases for mentors of their students.

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