Jane Caro - A True Friend of Public Education


Glenn Fowler delighted in surprising Jane with the 2014 Friend of Public Education Award.

Jane Caro is one of Australia’s most visible and influential advocates for public education. She passionately argues for the primacy of public education in all forms of media.

She has written two books on the subject including the seminal The Stupid Country: How Australia is dismantling public education.

Jane is a powerhouse on social media, especially Twitter, daily communicating her unique take on the issues to her 30,000 followers.

She has worked with public school communities across the county around branding and messaging, ensuring public schools are best equipped to fight for enrolment share.

Jane has been a great friend to the ACT Branch of the AEU, attending a number of events and providing training to members.

She has developed influential networks of public education supporters that stand alongside us in our battles.

Jane has walked the walk by embracing public education throughout her family life.

Public education remains strong because of defenders and proponents like Jane Caro, and our cause would be a great deal weaker without her.

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