Members Overwhelmingly Endorse Council Resolution

Council's resolution to insist on a reduction in face-to-face teaching hours has received overwhelming support.

On March 21, AEU ACT Branch Council instructed "AEU negotiators to inform ETD that the union requires further consideration of its claim to reduce face-to-face teaching hours."

Councillors also resolved to test this decision with members in each sub-branch.

The response has been impressive and the verdict is clear. In just over a week nearly 50 sub-branches have submitted feedback. More than 80% voted YES in support of Council’s resolution.

A comment from one sub-branch sums up the sentiment amongst AEU members.  

"Our sub-branch was unanimous in supporting this resolution because we feel it is important for us to stand up and make a collective stand on this issue. For too long teachers have been shouldering an ever increasing burden of work as more and more is loaded upon us. This leaves us little time for quality professional dialogue, observations of practice or to undertake valuable professional learning, let alone having any time for our own families. The time has come for this situation to end and for the ACT government to formally resource the establishment and ongoing development of professional learning communities in all schools, especially knowing the significant body of evidence that supports such an approach for improving student learning outcomes."

What next?

Council’s resolution, backed up with overwhelming member support, sends the ACT Government a clear message: resourcing must be provided to reduce face-to-face hours. As Secretary, Glenn Fowler will meet with Minister Burch this week to convey this message. 

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