National Gonski Week

National Gonski week (July 28 to August 3) is a great opportunity to get involved in the campaign to improve the funding of schools and the education children receive.

The week of action comes at a critical time with the Abbott Government confirming it wants to cut the vital last two years of Gonski funding and axe the needs-based funding arrangements for schools.

That would be a disaster for students across the country – particularly those children who are missing out right now due to a lack of resources.

In Gonski week you can:

  • Add your name to the petition calling for the Abbott Government to deliver the full Gonski. (Share it with your friends once you have signed)

  • Organise a Gonski morning tea at your school to let your colleagues know what is at stake right now. You might want to wear green on one day during the week to show your support

  • Help spread the word by downloading and passing on the latest fact sheet or sign up your colleagues and friends

  • Show your support for Gonski by putting up a sign in your window or taking a photo with one and sending it in to us for our facebook page

The latest research shows that students in public schools will be worst affected if the Abbott Government does not fund Gonski in full.

The cut of over $2 billion in one year alone is the equivalent of depriving every public school in the nation of 3 teachers.

We cannot let our kids miss out on this vital funding. As David Gonski said in his speech in May:

“I cannot easily forget the differences I saw in the schools I visited. To say that many of the schools in the state systems need further assistance both in money and tender loving care is to me an understatement.

“Governments need to embrace the importance of school education to individuals and to the productivity of our society. There needs to be a commitment to a properly funded needs based aspirational system and a failure to do so will be to our detriment.”

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